Case Studies

CASE STUDY: Sprowls Insurance

Replaced fluorescent office troffers that used 156 watts per fixture with LED retrofit fixtures that¬†use 47 watts per fixture, resulting  Read More

CASE STUDY: Hunter Truck Sales

1. Replaced 400 watt metal halide fixtures with 147 watt T8 fluorescent fixtures, resulting in a¬†reduction of 64% in energy  Read More

Our Work (Photo Gallery)

A collection of photos of our work.

CASE STUDY: Spectra Energy

This installation of electrical pole service at gas transmission site in Armwall, Pennsylvania was completed in July 2014.

CASE STUDY: Greene County Career and Technical Center

In February 2015, the George R. Smalley Company responded to an electrical transformer explosion causing a power outage at the  Read More

CASE STUDY: Columbia Gas

This installation of electrical pole service for a gas transmission site was completed in Piedmont, W.Va. in 2014.


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#gallery-4  Read More

CASE STUDY: Bestline Equipment

This is an installation of explosion proof electrical service to a bulk fuel storage area. This project was completed in  Read More