Alarm Panel Installation

We recently installed an alarm panel for a regional bank. (See photos)

Thermal Scan Reporting

We routinely conduct thermal scans of the electrical panels to ensure our clients’ electrical systems are running properly. Here is  Read More

CASE STUDY: Trigon Forge

1. Quality control lab – Replaced ceiling lighting that was T12 U bend fluorescent that used 72 watts per fixture to  Read More

CASE STUDY: St. John The Baptist

1. Sanctuary lighting – We re-lamped existing fixtures from 500 watt incandescent to 90 watt CFL, thus reducing energy consumption  Read More

Conduit and inner duct for fiber optic cable installation

These photos are of a recent conduit and inner duct for fiber optic cable installation completed by George R. Smalley  Read More

CASE STUDY: Sprowls Insurance

Replaced fluorescent office troffers that used 156 watts per fixture with LED retrofit fixtures that use 47 watts per fixture, resulting  Read More

CASE STUDY: Hunter Truck Sales

1. Replaced 400 watt metal halide fixtures with 147 watt T8 fluorescent fixtures, resulting in a reduction of 64% in energy  Read More

Our Work (Photo Gallery)

A collection of photos of our work.

CASE STUDY: Spectra Energy

This installation of electrical pole service at gas transmission site in Armwall, Pennsylvania was completed in July 2014.

CASE STUDY: Greene County Career and Technical Center

In February 2015, the George R. Smalley Company responded to an electrical transformer explosion causing a power outage at the  Read More