Networking Infrastructure

Data Network Cabling And Design

Data Network Wiring & Cabling Cat 5e, Cat 6 Multimode and Singlemode Optical Fiber Installation Termination Testing and Certification

Telecommunications –┬áVertical  Read More  Read More

Banking Equipment & Installation

With over 30 years of experience in this specialized area, the George R. Smalley Company knows that banking equipment installation involves a blend of electricians, carpenters and data technicians. Read More

Electronic Systems

Protect your home and office. This division of the George R. Smalley Company offers some of the best ways to keep your family, your home and contents safe from fires and/or burglary. Read More

Energy Management & Retrofit

Managing and reducing energy saves you money. The George R. Smalley Company offers effective and efficient results for your home or business.  Read More

Electrical Services

The electrical services division of the George R. Smalley Company manages an array of inside and outside electrical services for your residence or business. Read More

Electrical Contracting

The George R. Smalley Company offers a full range of residential, commercial, and industrial electrical contracting services and delivers the highest in safety standards and quality performance. Read More