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LED Installation for Commercial Lighting

Savings, Safety, and Versatility

Commercial lighting using light-emitting diodes (LEDs) is a maturing technology. It offers a variety of benefits in commercial and industrial applications, making LEDs attractive as replacement lighting.

Call on George R. Smalley, Co., for experienced LED lighting installation across a wide range of building types and office configurations. The benefits are both immediate and long lasting.

Why Choose LED Replacement Lighting?

LED lighting is rapidly replacing traditional alternatives, with no end to its market growth in sight. LEDs offer better service life and high lumen power at less wattage compared to incandescent, CFL, and halogen light sources.

That makes new LED systems a great choice for office space, warehouses, parking lots, manufacturing spaces, apartment buildings, and homes.

  • Cost Savings – While marginally more expensive to install, LEDS offer long term cost savings through lower energy bills, reduced maintenance costs, and increased longevity. Because of their low heat generation, LEDs even help you save on HVAC costs.
  • Energy Efficiency – Studies by the Department of Energy (DOE) show that LEDs are up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting. That makes lighting warehouse space, parking lots, and manufacturing facilities more affordable while providing superior lighting for security and CCTV monitoring.
  • Service Life – How much time is wasted in replacing lighting throughout your facility? LEDs have a lifespan rated at between 50,000 and 100,000 hours in commercial environments. Traditional lighting can fail at 1,000 hours and rarely exceeds 30,000 hours of service life.
  • Safety – LEDs are safer for both workers and the environment. They contain neither mercury nor carbon dioxide. They cannot shatter into dangerous shards. Additionally, LEDs are perfect for managing glare, and well-designed LED systems provide lighting of exceptional clarity for employees and manufacturing workers. New LED systems are also being chosen by municipal governments to aid in night sky initiatives.
  • Versatility in Design – LED lighting can be used anywhere, in any environment, both indoors and out. LEDs are durable and highly controllable. Installations can include features like dim-ability, occupancy sensors, timers, and can even adjustability to blend with natural lighting during daylight hours.

Now you know why LED lighting is one of the fastest growing and most commercially viable lighting solutions for commercial and industrial use. Would you like to learn more? Call us at 724-437-1927 or complete the form on this page.

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LED Lighting

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