CASE STUDY: Trigon Forge

1. Quality control lab – Replaced ceiling lighting that was T12 U bend fluorescent that used 72 watts per fixture to an LED retrofit that uses 31 watts per fixture, thus resulting in a reduction of 57% per fixture. This retrofit also improved the light quality from 49 foot candles to 109 foot candles.

2. MMC area – Replaced existing 350 watt T5 Fluorescent fixtures with 303 watt LED I frame fixtures. While not a great reduction in energy consumption the life hours of the fixture rose from 20,000 hours to 150,000 hours. The light quality was improved from an average reading of 46.5 foot candles to 165 foot candles.

3. Forge shop – Replaced 875 watt metal halide fixtures with 303 watt LED I Frame fixtures resulting in a 66% reduction of energy consumption. Improved light quality from an average reading of 39 foot candles to an average reading of 79 foot candles.

4. Foyer and Hallway – Replaced T12 U bend fluorescent fixtures that used 72 watts per fixture with a flat panel indirect LED fixture that uses 38 watts resulting in a reduction of 47%. This fixture was chosen for aesthetic value as well as energy savings. The light quality improved from an average reading of 48 foot candles to an average reading of 69 foot candles.

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