George R. Smalley Co. has decades of experience serving the electrical needs of Educational facilities throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Maryland. Our experience includes schools, colleges, and universities.

Educational facilities are among our most unique customers, because many schools are over 50 years old and have a variety of problems associated with older construction, including leaky roofs, aging electrical systems, outdated HVAC, etc.

Services for educational facilities include:

  • Lighting installation, repair, and upgrades.
  • Electric panel installation and upgrades.
  • Electrical work for remodels and renovations,
  • Fire alarm, CCTV, and security systems.
  • Energy management systems.
  • Generator power backups.
  • Exterior signage wiring and installation.

We are often called upon to design, install, maintain, and repair electrical systems in educational facilities of all types.

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Lighting Packages and Retrofits

After power upgrades and repairs, installing state-of-the-art lighting is our most common request. Today’s LED lighting is more energy efficient, brighter, and lasts longer than previous traditional bulbs and fluorescents.

At George R. Smalley, we provide both indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, including parking lot lighting and sign lighting.

Emergency Electrical Services

Power outages and failing electrical systems bring studies to a grinding halt.  Your educational facility needs a reliable and responsive electrical repair contractor. Whether your electrical system has suffered damage from a storm or lightning strike, your complex is insufficiently wired to handle its growing power needs, or your security or fire system is offline— you need a quick response that keeps your staff working and your programs on track.

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