The George R. Smalley Company is a full-service electrical contractor, including residential smart home upgrades.

There’s no denying that home safety and security are a top concern for many homeowners right now. With smart home solutions, you can reduce your risk of issues, save energy, and add convenience to your life while you’re at it.

At the George R. Smalley Company, we are ready with an easy-to-use smart home solutions that help make life better.

A Range of Smart Devices

Whether you want to make your home safer and more secure, or improve its functionality, smart home solutions are a great way to make it happen.

You can control your lighting, thermostat, and even lock or unlock your doors from anywhere with ease. In addition to many other benefits, smart security cameras and smart lighting give you peace of mind by allowing you to see who’s at the door or move around outside without worrying about someone hiding in the shadows.

Install a new and improved smart thermostat in your home that will operate towards maximum efficiency, learning your behavior and operating with you in mind. The thermostat adapts to your usage patterns and provides comfort on demand, helping you save energy costs by up to 30%.

You can even check and change settings from your mobile phone.

Smart switches allow you to tap into one of the biggest benefits of having a fully connected home: controlling your lighting from anywhere. This is especially helpful for those with electric or gas bills that vary throughout the year. By installing smart switches, you can set lights to turn on and off at optimal times so that your electric bill stays as low as possible.

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