Managing and reducing energy saves you money.  The George R. Smalley Company offers effective and efficient results for your business or hom.

This includes: analyzing your home, office or facility; making lighting upgrade recommendations; improving the appearance of your home or office; completing paperwork for available rebates; installing the new system; safely recycling the old parts; helping with maintenance or warranty issues; and, keeping customers up-to-date on that newest products and technologies.

  • Custom designed energy management panels to control lights and HVAC – energy consulting, monitoring and control, system integration.
  • Retrofit – industrial and commercial, turnkey lighting upgrades, electrical contracting.
  • Design services, savings and rebate calculations.

Energy Management

George R. Smalley Company is experienced in implementing Energy Management Systems (EMS). Today, many modern construction projects demand EMS systems in order to achieve cost goals, facility performance, and return on investment.

What is an energy management system?  A typical EMS is a computer-aided system consisting of a variety of tools and sensors that work together to monitor, control, and optimize the performance of a building’s electrical and HVAC systems.

Larger buildings like schools, hospitals, warehouses, and factories can benefit from energy management tools and strategies. When smart systems deploy climate control to areas in real-time use by personnel, adjust lighting and power usage to time of day and season, and make employees and tenants more comfortable, a number of benefits are realized.

  • Significant energy cost savings.
  • Improved facility performance (longer life from HVAC systems).
  • Lower carbon footprint.
  • Increased comfort, morale, and productivity of employees.

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Older buildings can also benefit from energy management systems. Retrofitting your facility delivers the same benefits as integrating EMS into new construction.

Ease the load on HVAC systems and help them last longer. Improve comfort and efficiency in work areas. Lower energy costs and achieve a return on investment that can pay for energy management upgrades and reduce future costs.

Energy management systems:

  • Can be managed through web-based software.
  • Multiple buildings and systems can be controlled from one interface.
  • Monitoring, reporting, and analytics clarify usage and problems.

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Smart Home Automation

On the residential side, energy management is often called Smart Home Automation. In addition to increasing your home’s energy efficiency, home automation systems can help you control home functions, from appliances to security systems, from one single management interface, often an app you can use from your phone or tablet.

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