Estimating and design build services require an experienced team of qualified electricians and engineers. To meet the toughest challenges, you need people ready to partner with you in analyzing your facility’s site, design, and use. They need to take an overarching view that contributes to the development of your project, including meeting budgetary limitations and timelines.

At George R. Smalley Co., we use software and Building Information Management (BIM) techniques to specify electrical and lighting needs, load calculations, and energy management systems.

We select appropriate technologies that will help optimize the electrical services for your facility so that power is always available when and where it’s needed, including provisions for backup power generation in the case of outages.

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Benefits of a Design Build Approach

The design build approach benefits from a streamlined workflow. Instead of a separate design engineer, electrical contractor, and general contractor responsible for materials acquisition, everything to do with the electrical system flows through one team and one process.

Meeting and coordination time is drastically reduced. Miscommunication errors are eliminated, and there is one-stop responsibility in isolating and addressing any electrical issues.

Even design changes are more flexibly addressed when a design build team handles things from beginning to end, and projects can generally be counted on to proceed in a more timely and cost-effective manner.

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