April 11, 2022

Thermal Scan Reporting

We routinely conduct thermal scans of the electrical panels to ensure our clients’ electrical systems are running properly. In this article, we present an example of a report that we generated for the Uniontown mall listing our findings and recommendations. You can download the Uniontown Mall Panels 2010 Report (pdf)
April 11, 2022

Home Standby Generator

Don’t be in the dark. Keep your home or business running during a power outage by installing a home standby generator. A home standby generator keeps your power on during an outage. It’s installed outside your home or business (like an AC unit) and comes on automatically within a few seconds of a power outage. Plus, standby generators run on propane or natural gas, so there’s no refueling. Be the envy of your neighbors and keep your business open during […]
April 11, 2022

How should companies react to the historically low energy prices?

In these unprecedented times, businesses like individuals are facing new challenges daily. Here, at George R. Smalley we are practicing social distancing while trying to maintain business as normal during these changing times. One change that is beneficial is the current low prices on electricity, natural gas, and oil. At a time when every dollar counts more than ever there is a way to save operating costs by locking in lower electricity rates. Our partners in the energy procurement industry […]